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Personalised Health

DNA testing to give optimised mental and physical performance advice - DNA Driven Wellness DNA Driven Wellness gives you the insights you need to transform and improve your health
Personalised health

It is well known that every patient that walks into a waiting room is a unique individual that requires unique interventions. The advent of the genomic era has ensured that the days of a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare are behind us.

DNA testing allows us to better understand a patient’s unique response to different diet, lifestyle and supplement choices (nutrigenetics); as well as their response to certain medications (pharmacogenomics).

How can DNA testing help you achieve your health goals?

You are born with a set of genes that you cannot change during your lifetime. What you can do, however, is influence the manner in which these genes are expressed. There is a strong relationship between the genes that we carry, and the nutritional, medicinal and lifestyle choices we make.

DNA Testing

What are genes?

Genes are segments of DNA that contain the instructions your body needs to make each of the many thousands of proteins required for life. Each gene is comprised of thousands of combinations of “letters” (called nucleotides) which make up your genetic code. The code gives the instructions to make everything required for proper cellular, organ and bodily function.

What are gene variations?

With the exception of identical twins, all people have small differences (variations) in their genetic code.

These differences make each of us unique. In the same way as a single letter variation can profoundly change the meaning of a word, so single nucleotide changes can profoundly affect the function of our genes.

What is nutrigenetics?

Genetic variations can affect the expression of a gene, thereby affecting metabolic processes that are important for maintaining cellular health and how we respond to environmental interventions such as diet, lifestyle, supplements and exercise.

Knowledge of these genetic variations offers unparalleled insight into your biological systems, providing guidance for precise interventions aimed at helping you reach your wellness goals and achieve optimal health.

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