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"The 90 minutes follow-up session with Ilse was like mist clearing in the sun.  No more guessing which supplements/food/exercise I need.  This is what really taking charge of one's health looks like.  I have found a new vitality that makes me feel ready to take the reins of the rest of my life - the best years yet.  How different the world would be if more people could take charge of their health like this!"  

Mariaan Laubscher who took the DNA Core and DNA Mind tests

"An absolutely life-changing experience! Ilse was the best, fully engaged and supportive of the whole journey. Definitely worth it!" 

Ratang Mashilo who took the DNA Health and DNA Diet tests

"The experience was fantastic....something I should have done many years ago. Ilse has been a pillar of support and very knowledgeable in her field. She is professional in her feedback and the constant updates made it a memorable experience." 

Carel Laubscher who took the DNA Core and DNA Mind tests

"Ilse is professional and gentle. She has a wonderful empathy and relates well to her clients, paying attention to everything. I have had excellent results following my DNA analysis and subsequent eating plan and am so happy I gave her a try! 7kg down and counting..." 

Carmen Reith who took the DNA Health and DNA Diet tests

"The best thing I ever did for myself! Ilse is absolutely amazing and her follow-up after care is out of this world.  Thanks, Ilse, for changing my life, my health and constant inflammation." 

Ilsa Retief who took the DNA Health, DNA Diet, DNA Active and DNA Resilience tests

"Amazing service, very detailed and great customer relations. Highly recommended!" 

Grace Lottering Venter who took the DNA Health, DNA Diet and DNA Mind tests

"Absolutely worth it. I know more about myself than I ever would without her help. Everyone needs to get their genes tested for health and mind." 

 Mark Venter who took the DNA Health, DNA Diet and DNA Mind tests

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Ilse and I can confidently say that she provided an exceptional service. Ilse was friendly, professional, and went above and beyond to ensure that my needs were met. She demonstrated an excellent understanding of her field, and was able to provide me with expert advice and guidance throughout the process."

Claire Ferreira who took the DNA Health, DNA Diet and DNA Mind tests

"I was very skeptical at first, but when I met Ilse and saw how passionate Ilse was to help me on this journey, it excited me to start with the DNA testing immediately. Even after the results and diet plan was done, Ilse kept in contact to find out how I was coping. The good news is that I am feeling so much better knowing now what vitamins etc to take. Assistance with different exercises and equipment that will help me along the way. I can highly recommend anyone thinking of having the DNA tests, to contact Ilse rather sooner than later."

Beverley Botha who took the DNA Health and DNA Diet tests

"Absolutely astounded with this woman! The blood tests were quick and painless and she drove out to meet me. The actual report has totally blown me away. So much information and Ilse took her time to go through everything with me and took her time with all of my questions not to mention her follow ups with me after our consultation. I am so impressed and would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would definitely recommend Ilse to anyone looking to have their DNA test done."

Shaaista Mahomed who took the DNA Health and DNA Diet tests

“DNA Driven Wellness - a brilliant way to have a better understanding of oneself, from diet to overall health & mind is exactly what I had wanted to ensure that I am at my optimal best. Following diet after diet, I never felt my best & had wanted a true result based on who I am & what will fuel my mind, body & health. After 2 weeks, I have already seen phenomenal results & am already feeling so much more energized & my body is finally becoming stronger & it is only just the beginning. The insight that one receives & the 1:1 session that you have with Ilse is certainly invaluable & the take-outs are life-long. This is not a fad but a way of life that everyone should do -to ensuring that one is living their best life. Highly recommended.”

Lisa de Lange who took the DNA Health, DNA Mind and DNA Active tests

“Ilse is a first-class wellness practitioner who by using my DNA was able to pinpoint my strengths and my vulnerabilities and gave me a detailed report of how to optimise my health. Ilse is passionate about DNA Driven Wellness, always goes the extra mile and stays abreast of all new developments in the field of DNA testing and Nutrigenomics. I would highly recommend a session with Ilse to have a better insight into your genetic makeup and how best to manage it from a nutritional point of view.”

Inga Jackson who took the DNA Health, DNA Mind, DNA Active and DNA Resilience tests

“Extremely thorough and professional. A truly eye opening and highly beneficial service. Would recommend this 100%.”

Shaun Barrows who took the DNA Health and DNA Active tests

"Got my DNA tested with Ilse a couple of months ago and I can really feel the difference. With the test she was able to tell me what my body needed and what was not needed. The part I really liked and what I appreciated the most is that you are not just a number. She treats you like family and takes the time to check up on you. I can highly recommend DNA Driven Wellness.

Ansie Minnitt who took the DNA Health test

"Going through the DNA Testing and Feedback process was definitely very enlightening and informative. It gave me a whole new insight in how to approach my diet and overall wellbeing on all levels. Ilse's vast knowledge and passion for DNA testing is apparent in how she delivers her feedback with great attention to detail. I now have a more informed direction in how to approach my wellbeing so that I can look and feel like the best version of myself from the inside out. Everyone can benefit from this service!"

Karen Venter who took the DNA Health, DNA Mind and DNA Growbaby tests

"I found my experience with Ilse Justus to be very pleasant, professional and insightful. Learning what my weak health areas and food types are have been beneficial and I believe that this will benefit me greatly in my road to recovery. I strongly recommend having these tests done and working with her to invest in your health."

Luke who took the DNA Health, DNA Mind and DNA Diet tests

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