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I am Ilse. My own health journey led me to make DNA testing the heart of my practice.

A few years ago I received a surprise breast cancer diagnosis in my left breast despite being very fit, having no family history and being of normal weight. I was blessed that we caught it early. 

The shock of this experience led me to research all I could about keeping our cells healthy since cancer occurs when mistakes happen at a cellular level.  I understood nutrition well but felt I had to dig deeper.

I opted for a DNA test and this was the best decision ever!

I was completely blown away by the outcome. I could see exactly why I had experienced the brush with cancer given the combination of my genetic variations resulting in inefficiencies in important biological pathways, making me susceptible to a disease like cancer. The role of epigenetics cannot be overemphasised. The environment I had created in my body with stress and some lifestyle habits, including breast implants (which are out now), were the triggers given my specific genetic profile and resultant susceptibilities.

The scientific nature and in-depth analysis involved in the DNA testing resonated with me and I was eager to help others to shed light on their individual DNA to provide a true wellness roadmap for them. No more a "one size fits all" approach.

Whilst I have Diplomas in Nutrition and Nutritional Supplementation through the Nutrition Institute and the International Academy of Nutrition (Australia), given my experience, I felt that DNA testing needed to be front and centre in my practice. Hence, I trained with DNA Life and DNAlysis Biotechnology in Nutrigenomics, Nutrigenetics and Pharmacogenomics to become an accredited DNAlysis practitioner. The experience with clients has been life changing. I subsequently also completed the necessary specialised studies and am also an accredited DNAlysis DNA Resilience practitioner to assist clients in becoming more resilient in our ever-changing times, working with their DNA molecular pathways influencing resilience.

Without DNA testing one is left wandering around in the dark. Perhaps you are wondering which diet you should be following, how to manage your weight, why you are prone to feeling depressed or anxious, what type of exercise you should do, whether you are susceptible to mental health issues down the line or chronic disease(s), why you suffer with raised cholesterol and so many other issues related to mind and body. These DNA tests really provide a roadmap for your wellness, physically, mentally and within the realm of stress management. And I am here to help you on your way with a personalised action plan.

Did you know that 80% of all breast cancers occur in women with no family history and 70% to 80% of breast and ovarian cancers are hormone receptive? Given these statistics it is important to know:
  • how your biological pathways are genetically inclined to function, especially with respect to Methylation, Detoxification phases 1 and 2 as well as Oxidative stress
  • how efficiently your body metabolises oestrogen. Research shows that an increased life time of oestrogen exposure is a strong risk factor for breast cancer.
It is also important to manage your weight, bearing in mind that toxins and excess oestrogen is stored in adipose tissue so for obese people this suggests increased risk.

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"An absolutely life-changing experience! Ilse was the best, fully engaged and supportive of the whole journey. Definitely worth it!"
Ratang Mashilo

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